Expect quality craftsmanship in your commercial entities.  JLR Contractors provide the highest level of attention to the detail that makes your location unique. Whether you are building a wood enameled boutique or an open dance floor–we are confident that we can meet your needs and provide the highest value for both you and your customers.

In today’s market, it takes careful planning, cooperative partnerships, and the right market data to be successful in new or remodel retail construction projects. You should expect the highest attention to detail in your pre-construction management process.

JLR will provide reliable cost analysis of a potential development. We suggest that each commercial developer should research the history of a previously selected construction site before they decide to do business at that location.  But when that decision is complete, JLR can help to design, organize and create the environment you require for your commercial success.

Contact JLR Contractors for more information or a list of previous clients where you can walk through and see the final results.