About Us

Proudly Serving, For Over 100 Years

J. Lyne Roberts & Sons was established in 1912 by J. Lyne Roberts Sr. His high school shop teacher was so impressed with the quality of his work that he asked Lyne to build his own personal home.

That home was the beginning of J. Lyne Roberts & Sons. For over 100 years J. Lyne Roberts & Sons has continued to build and remodel homes, apartments, commercial buildings, city parks playgrounds and public works projects with that same quality and integrity that lies at the heart and soul of this family run business. Our motto has always been “there is no substitute for quality” and we feel that everyone deserves a quality project done on time, safely, and on budget. We feel strongly that by treating individuals with kindness and respect we can conduct our business with honesty, integrity, and fairness which, in turn will create relationships that will benefit all those involved in the building of any project. It is our responsibility to see that we maintain a level of excellence that raises the bar in the construction industry, and builds lasting relationships.

We are pleased that you have considered us on your project, and we feel that the same relationship of trust that we have with our other clients will be shared with you and allow this project to be a success for all those involved.


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