100 Years

It all started with J. Lyne Roberts in 1912, a skilled artisan who found he could create great wonders in wood, concrete and stone.  He knew he could not do it alone, and was pleased to find that his children were blessed with the same gifts.







It was then that the organization of J. Lyne Roberts became J. Lyne Roberts & Sons. And it started to grow. Jack Roberts became the first generation to join the company and thrived as the opportunities continued to grow.

Jack trained all of his children to work in the trade, including Greg Roberts who continued to build upon what the previous two generations had begun. Currently, there are two of Greg’s sons who continue to make this their livelihood.  Tyler Roberts and Scott Roberts are actively in the management of the modern version of J. Lyne Roberts and Sons.

Dozens and even hundreds of new homes, businesses and parks began to be created for the growing population of the residents of Utah.  The quality of construction was apparent in the building processes as the budding skyline of cities like Provo, Orem, and Salt Lake City were dotted with creations from J. Lyne Roberts and Sons.

Through the generations, we are grateful to be able to share with you some of our accomplishments.  While many homes, businesses, and parks have been created–it is our firm belief that the greatest accomplishment we have is the family that continues to work together.

We share with you are fondest appreciation for your continued supports as we work with you in building the creations of your dreams.  As we begin our second 100 years with the fifth generation waiting in the wings, we re-assert our commitment to you of the importance of quality and excellence in the  process of creation.

Now we invite you to enjoy some images of previous projects over the past several years: